Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology

With all the discussion of hermeneutics lately, I think there has been some neglect of biblical theology. Herold Weiss’s two books, Meditations on According to John, and Meditations on the Letters of Paul have been very helpful to me in my study. While Herold Weiss is an SDA author, these books are addressed to the broader Christian community as well.

From the introduction to Meditations on According to John:

I began this introduction with the phrase “from a strictly historical point of view.” My intention, however, is not to read the gospel historically in an attempt to reconstruct the life of Jesus or that of the Johannine community. I depend on the light thrown by historical research, however, to capture the theological ways in which this gospel presents Jesus and a Christian community united by bonds of love within a world that threatens its very existence. As a community that lived in the world but saw itself apart from the world, it came to appreciate a way to life in the world sustained by the Spirit that the Son had breathed on his disciples before his return to the Father (20:22). The vision of the life of faith exposed in their foundational document has been a permanent source of comfort to Christians through the centuries.

Herold Weiss, Meditations on According to John. (Gonzalez, FL: Energion Publications, 2014), 12.