Edward W. H. Vick

Edward W. H. Vick was born in Sussex, England and grew up in Berkshire. He was educated at Maidenhead County Boys’ School. He developed an early interest in theology and this led him to Southern University College in Tennessee and to Andrews University in Michigan where he received his M.A. in Biblical Greek, followed by a teaching appointment in Biblical Greek and Theology at Canadian University College, Alberta, Canada. He thereafter graduated from London University (B.D.) and later from Vanderbilt University in Nashville with a Ph.D. in Theological Studies, and from Nottingham University in Philosophy. He taught at the Theological Seminary of Andrews University in Michigan for several years. Returning to England he spent time in Oxford (B.Litt.). He later was head of The Religious Studies Department at Forest Fields College in Nottingham. Now well into retirement, he has taught philosophy for many years in local Adult Education programmes.

He is the author of several books: Let Me Assure You, Jesus the Man, Speaking Well of God, Quest (an introduction to Science and Faith), History and Christian Faith and Is Salvation Really Free? Recent publications include From Inspiration to Understanding: Reading the Bible Seriously and Faithfully, Creation: The Christian Doctrine, and Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide.

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